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Full Billing Service - We love our cloud-based billing program which ‘scrubs’ claims before electronically sending them to the insurance company. Claim status is also obtained automatically within days of submission. You won't have to wait weeks to find out whether the claim was accepted, rejected, or denied! This also allows us to focus on any problem claims much sooner. And since it’s all cloud-based, you have password-protected, HIPAA compliant access to your account 24/7. You can see when claims were billed and the status of each claim in real time, greatly enhancing the efficiency between your office and ours. 

We offer:

  • Verification of Insurance Benefits

  • Pre-Authorizations

  • In-Network Exception Handouts and Help

  • Coding Resources

  • Electronic Claim Submission through our Clearinghouse CollaborateMD

  • Monthly Patient Invoicing

  • Payment Plan Set up (When the provider utilizes the CollaborateMD payment portal)

  • Integrated Credit Card Processing (Optional)

  • Online Patient Payment Portal (Optional)

  • Monthly and Yearly Reports

  • Electronic Superbills

  • Electronic Payments and e-EOBs (Payer dependent)

  • Secure Messaging between you and your Billing Specialist through CollaborateMD

  • Bi-Annual Medical Self Audits

Tour our full Provider Guide and 2023 Contract HERE

Investment: $150 set up, 7% commission on commercial/private insurance payments + $40 hourly Alaska Medicaid + NO commission on Patient Payments. There is a $75/month minimum for low volume accounts.

In-house billing software management and set-up - have the same access as professional medical billers with 100% access to an electronic clearing house with all of the bells and whistles. With full features of our billing service + front office tools and optional assistance packages and consultation with a biller teaching you how to most effectively utilize your in-house billing and coding. Have a biller prepare your software for you so you can log in and submit claims instantly. 

Investment: $150 to open your account with CollaborateMD, $40 hourly for set up and consultation

Medical Billing and Coding ConsultationFor the independent provider that just needs a few questions answered, consultations are billed by the hour or by the service requested.

Services include: 

  • Provider Credentialing Forms and Guidance

  • Insurance Agreements and Contract Overview

  • Coding Review and Payer Payment Policy Look-up

  • Network Exceptions, Prior Authorizations and Predetermination Form Help

  • Billing and Claim Auditing, etc. 

Investment: $40 hourly

Provider Insurance Credentialing & Contracting Guide

We are no longer offering credentialing or contracting services but can offer some help in navigating the various payer networking to get your started. 

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