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Hello and Welcome


I would like to thank you for visiting our New Provider page and I am happy to provide you with some additional information about My AK Billing and the services we offer.


My name is Emily Pasternak and I am the Owner and Founder of My AK Billing. I have been billing for midwives now for two years and have completed the AAPC Certified Professional Biller course. This course involves mastering medical billing and coding on both a national and local level. I will be sitting for the written exam in the state of Washington to become a CPB. I am a strong believer in continued education and in the world of medical billing where the rules and guidelines are ever changing, I plan on completing further education in the field of medical billing and specializing in midwifery practices as well as supporting my employees and team in doing the same. My husband and I had our babies with midwives and plan to have midwives attend our future births due to the exceptional quality of care we have received; allowing me to understand the importance of personalized customer service expected from a billing service that represents its midwives.


My AK Billing, LLC is a locally owned and operated medical billing services tailored to midwives in our area. We do utilize the electronic clearinghouse CollaborateMD to create claims, generate A/R, patient, and earnings reports as well as send client statements, process credit cards, utilize online payment portals, ensure clean claim scrubbing and level II claim edits and more. I believe My AK Billing’s fees to be reasonable for the services we provide and the software required to help facilitate our responsibilities as a medical billing service.


Why Choose My AK Billing as your Medical Billing Associate?

  • Saves the Provider valuable time.

    • The average Alaskan midwife performs 16-30 clinical visits per month when attending 2-3 births in the same time. Filing claims, updating payer agreements and fee schedules, verifying benefits, applying for network exceptions, contracting for in network rates, handling claim denials, applying payments, following up with insurances for claim status, sending patient statements, all require valuable time otherwise spent taking care of what really matters, your clients. Without a designated medical biller, the provider can spend 600+ hours a year billing for themselves.


  • My AK Billing is locally owned and operated, built around the values of our Alaskan midwives and the community.


  • My AK Billing prides itself in being 98% paper FREE. Cutting down on waste and doing our part to protect the environment. Our aim is to someday achieve a 100% paperless business.


  • My AK Billing strives to provide quality customer support, taking care of both the provider AND the clients.


  • A quality Billing Service also offers…

    • Payer agreements, credentialing and network contracting assistance

    • Patient Benefits Eligibility and Verification checks

    • Patient Benefit Pre-Authorizations

    • A Provider Reference manual at time of signing - outlining our work process and expectations as well as business standards and services

    • Electronic Clearinghouse and guaranteed quality claim follow-up

    • Account and payer contract maintenance

    • Reporting

    • Client Statements

    • And more!

  • More about what we have to offer HERE


What is the cost?

My AK Billing package pricing is considered the minimum monthly investment to maintain an account with My AK Billing, LLC ranging from $75 - $200 monhtly. All provider accounts and customers will be charged an additional 6% accounts received commission. This means that My AK Billing only collects from the amount you the provider collect, not how much was billed. By doing so, My AK Billing is able to help small businesses and local providers while meeting everyone's financial needs.

  • Provider/Account Set-up Fee $102.00

  • Monthly Minimum Investment is $75 OR 7% Commission.  Whichever is higher. Varies Based on Practice Size and Claim Volume.

  • One Time Provider Credentialing Fee $200.00/provider

  • Medical Consultation/Hour (NA for account holders) $35.00


How do I sign up?

Contact Emily Pasternak at or complete the new account request form below. 

We will send a new account application and based on your individual needs, we will contact you for more information to initiate services. 

Note: Space is limited. We currently limit on-boarding to one new account each calendar month. 

Have a wonderful day, 


Emily Pasternak, Owner & Founder

New Account Request 

Thank you. Your Request has been sent. Please allow 2-3 business days for us to get back to you with an application if space is available. 

In the meantime, please familiarize yourself with our Providers Page with password: mybiller

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