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CollaborateMD Card Processing

Program benefits and fees.    

  • Automatic posting of patients payements into CollaborateMD provider account

  • ACH (electronic check) processing allows you to turn a paper check into a deposit....without leaving the office

  • Recurring payment profiles store payment information for repeat patients or recurring treatments

  • Patient Portal

  • Gross deposits with fees charged monthly not daily for simple balancing and auditing

  • Manager multiple patient payment options including credit cards, check cards and ACH through a single processor relationship

CollaborateMD-TSYS Program

ð V/MC/D/AX Qualified Patient Portal Processing Rate 1.89%

ð $0.10 Per Item Fee

ð NO Monthly Maintenance Fee

ð No Batch Header Fee

ð No Contract Term

ð ACH capabilities of $0.25 per transaction

ð Multiple Reporting features

ð Quarterly PCI Compliance Fee $18.80/$6.50 monthly

ð Annual MasterCard Per Location Fee $15.00

ð Annual Administrative Fee $59.95

ð Includes 24/7/365 Help Desk and online access to daily deposit

ð 48 hour gross settlement of funds

For more information about the program visit

Provider Incentive Program✔

Effective January 1, 2020, Providers who have an active CollaborateMD Card Processing account linked to their CMD account with My AK Billing will be accessed a discounted commission rate on patient payments. This discounted rate takes into account the cost of the program and card processing fees required to participate. The program is incentivized to help lesson administrative overhead for taking and reporting patient payments for both the provider and billers while simultaneously making it easier for patients to make payments online with any internet capable device. Making it easier for patients to make payments is shown to improve the overall outstanding patient debt and revenue cycle.

Participating Providers Commission Rate: 5% 

Non-Participating Providers Commission Rate: 7%

This program would have saved our average midwife up to $643 in 2019. 


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