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Alaska Medicaid CDM Non-Covered Services

The services listed below are non-covered for direct-entry midwives. This list is

representative of non-covered services and procedures and is not intended to be all-inclusive.

For additional non-covered services, refer to Section III: General Program


• Any service that does not appear on the Direct-Entry Midwives Fee Schedule.

• Direct-entry midwives are prohibited from providing services to a member with the

following diagnoses or conditions:

− Gestational diabetes

− Multiple gestation

− Fetus of less than 37 weeks or more than 42 weeks gestation at onset of labor

− Fetal presentation other than vertex at the onset of labor (prohibited from

correcting or attempting to correct fetal position)

− Pre-eclampsia or eclampsia

− Patients under 16 years of age

− Any other condition determined by the Alaska Board of Direct-Entry Midwives to

be of high risk to the woman and/or newborn

− Care to an infant beyond one week of age (must recommend to the member an

evaluation by a physician)

• Apprentice direct-entry midwives or direct-entry midwives in training cannot receive

reimbursement for services rendered.

NOTE: A person who is not certified as a direct-entry midwife is ineligible to enroll

with Alaska Medical Assistance and is prohibited from practicing midwifery for

compensation under AS 08.65.150.

• A direct-entry midwife preceptor or other supervising individual is prohibited from

billing for services performed by a direct-entry midwife apprentice or direct-entry

midwife in training.

Updated 02/07/2024

DEM Current Billing Manual
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