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Newborn PKU Pricing Increase

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

Effective 11/25/2022 the AK NB Screening fee will increase from $159.50 to $190.50.

I have sent an email to Everyone letting you know what your current PKU price is. If you would like to increase your prices, please just let me know.

Remember that if your PKU code and pricing is on your mandatory public pricing list under Alaska’s health care price transparency law (AS 18.23.400), you will need to update that pricing for code S3620 on your website, office poster and handouts.

After speaking with the Alaska Network Management Team at Premera, they advised all out-of-network provider to appeal underpaid PKU claims and network management to seek an updated contract. If an updated contract price is not obtainable, provider appeals for all underpaid claims are advised.

AK NBS screening fee increase 11-25-22
Download PDF • 473KB

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