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How much do I owe for my care? 

As of January, 2019, Alaska Healthcare providers and facilities are required by law to post the prices of their most common procedures for patients PRIOR to providing any services. More info HERE.

How do I make a payment?

Please contact your provider's office directly to make a payment over the phone. You may also provider credit card information or mail a check with the bottom of your paper statement, pre- addressed to your provider's office. 

How to I know if I qualify for Medicaid? 

Contact your local state assistance office directly or visit the State of Alaska Public assistant website at the MEDICAID FAQs link above. 

What is a Network Exception? 

By clicking on the NETWORK EXCEPTION form on this page, you can read more about network exceptions and if you believe you may qualify according to your health plan, complete the form and return to your HR department or health plan directly. 

Click here for a breakdown of common Health Coverage and Medical Terms Courtesy of Regence Blue Cross 

For more questions, email our biller directly. Thank you!

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