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Medicaid Coverage for Pregnancy, Postpartum & Newborns

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

I wanted to do a special announcement for all Medicaid providers and families about Denali Care's Pregnancy and Newborn coverage.

A lot of midwives are already sending in or providing families with a signed Verification of Birth form which is a great first step for extending and updating coverage for the mother as well as starting coverage for the Newborn. It has come to my attention however that this is all that is happening. This is all the provider can do (aside from Vital Statistics paperwork) to get a family enrollment updated with Medicaid but providing new families with education on what their responsibilities are will help them complete the next steps in ensuring they have access to Medicaid after birth.

All Medicaid recipients must contact their Medicaid office and notify them of their birth. This extends their postpartum coverage until the last day of the month that their 60 day postpartum coverage extension will be granted. For example, if a mother delivers January 15th, coverage will extend until March 31st.

Newborns can receive coverage pending their vital statistics paperwork being filed, a signed Verification of Birth from the delivering provider AND a call from the mother/family to receive coverage for their newborn up to 1 year after birth.

I do provider a handout on Adding Baby to Your Insurance on both my provider site and patient websites. I also provide a copy of the Medicaid Recipient Handbook which provides all of Medicaid's contact information and more extensive information regarding all that Medicaid has to offer.

Download PDF • 1.22MB

Adding Baby to Your Insurance Handout
Download PDF • 37KB

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