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Rate Reduction

I have been testing discounts and seasonal rate reductions over the past 2 years to see if this was manageable for my business as well as striving to make myself more affordable for my providers.

I am happy to announce that I will be implementing a rate reduction for commercial insurances from 7% to 6% effective immediately.

Medicaid rates will remain 5%, reported as $40/hr to meet the needs of low-income/low-volume providers AND state laws.

Providers will see this new rate on the June 1, 2024 invoices.

The discounts and rate reductions are to help to remain competitive with other billing services in the area while maintaining personal work/life balance expectations from my providers as a Sole Proprietor with no employees. I do intend to maintain my current office hours and availability as much as possible but will be taking seasonal and occasion breaks from work that may affect the in-office hours. The rate reduction is intended to help mitigate the inconvenience of these changes for my providers while my work flow will remain the same week-to-week (i.e. I do not anticipate provider's payments and claim submissions to be affected as I do still work on vacations or "away" days but it may not be during routine office hours).

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