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Federal No Surprises Act

I have sent out an email on 1/20/2022 regarding some changes to help implement protections from the Federal No Surprises Act. Effective January 1, 2022, this Act affects out-of-network providers and facilities in non-emergency settings.

A copy of the Blank Waiver of Patient Rights is posted on the provider site and attached to the complete email.

Key Highlights of our changes include:

- Out-of-Network Patients must sign or decline the right to out-of-network balance billing AND their decision must be communicated to your biller for any dates of service after 1/1/2022.

- All new patients who are out-of-network will be emailed a copy of the pre-filled waiver along with a copy of the Verification of Benefits. Providers are responsible for following up with the patient for a signature and decision to continue care.

Blank Provider No Surprises Waiver
Download PDF • 218KB

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